Company Name Contact Info Location
Yedi Eylül Mah. 5562 Sk. 1 Nolu Depo No:14 35860 / Torbalı / İZMİR / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 232 853 2152
Hall: 2A
Stand: 210E
Product Groups
  • Paper Packaging
  • Cardboard Packaging
  • Films and Foils - for Flexible Packaging Production
  • Plates and Rolls - for Paper Packaging Production
  • Plates and Rolls - for Plastic Packaging Production

During January 2006, story of A.R.C. Packaging has started in Torbalı district of İzmir by two partners. With its long years of sector experience, young and dynamic structure, A.R.C. has become an innovative solution partner since the first years of its establishment. In 2018, A.R.C. moved to its new factory and continues its production life with new and advanced production technologies and capacity of 20000 tons per year.

Paper EdgeprotectorsPaper Edgeprotectors

A.R.C. Packaging manufatures cardboard edgeprotectors with different sizes and specs, in order to protect your goods. Wing widths, thickness and lengths are adjusted according to your inquiries. Wing widths between 30x30 - 100x100 , thickness 2-10mm , length 6000mm max edgeprotectors. Printing can be done up to four colors. Moisture resistant ( Opp Coated) cardboard edgeprotectors. Wrap Around ( Nothced) Cardboard Edgeprotectors HOW TO USE? Cardboard Edgeprotectors are used the edges of pallets, in order to protect your goods and prevent pallet collapsing. Edgeprotectors can be placed inside of the box for strengthen. Edgeprotectors can be placed on to coils like paper , aluminium etc. Furniture, food, electronic, white goods industries use often. TYPES OF CARDBOARD EDGEPROTECTORS 1- Standard Cardboard Edgeprotectors 2- Printed Cardboard Edgeprotectors 3- Moisture Resistant (Opp Coated) Edgeprotectors 4- Wrap Around Edgeprotectors

Paper Cores TubesPaper Cores Tubes

Paper cores which is for a products that manufactured with rewinding is a critical part of your production. A.R.C. Packaging is able to manufacture paper cores in different specs and strength. Inner diameter between 38-600mm, thickness up to 17mm and length can be 6000mm max. Using high joule coreboards, high quality and strengthen cores are made for high speed rewinding or heavy rewindings. Four colors printing. Cores can be polished and grinded for thinner wrapping. Double sided tape applied if requires. WHICH INDUSTRIES USE? Film and flexible packaging Paper , Cardboard, Tissue paper Textile Metal and aluminium Label and Tape Structure TYPES OF PAPER CORES TUBES 1- Sylindirical Paper Cores 2- Polished and Grinded Paper Cores

Laminated Cardboards SheetsLaminated Cardboards Sheets

Laminated Cardboard sheet is a product that manufactured by laminating and sizing the paper coils.Sheets which is used in many areas, are sized from 0.8mm to 3.6mm, M2 weight from 580g to 2600g. Cardboard sheets can be used as box making, pastry mats, furniture to ceramic glass sector. TYPES OF CARBOARD SHEETS 1-Natural Grey Laminated Sheets 2-KraftTestliner Cardboard Sheets 3-One side Both side White Cardboard Sheets 4-One side Both side Black Cardboard Sheets 5-Metalized Cardboard Sheets 6-Coloured Cardboard Sheets 7-Cardboard Sheets

Slip SheetsSlip Sheets

Slip sheets are made by laminated cardboard that an alternative product instead of conventional pallet. It is used with a attachment, added to forklift and helps to carry your goods. Sizes can be euro pallet or any other dimensions. Flaps are in two sides or four sides. WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES? 1- Slip sheets spare space which is saved for conventional pallets. 2- It creates significant cost savings compared to wooden pallets 3- You can put lot more goods into containers or trucks. 4- %100 recycled.

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