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Hacı Sabancı Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, OSB Sabancı cd. No:8 01410 / SARIÇAM / ADANA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 322 394 3627
Hall: 2A
Stand: 219A
Product Groups
  • Flexible Packaging
  • Plastic Packaging
  • Protective Packaging, Insulation Materials, Cushioning, Filling Supplies and Humidity Absorbers
  • Films and Foils - for Flexible Packaging Production
  • Plates and Rolls - for Plastic Packaging Production

Abdioğulları Plastic and Packaging Industry Co. has been manufacturing PP and PE based packaging products and the range of twines for agricultural usage with the latest technology since 1963. Abdioğulları, manufacturer of the goods for protection of agricultural industrial products with the latest technology machineries and experienced employees, is the biggest woven and knitted plastic packaging producer in Turkey with 1800 employees and 8 plants covering 400.000 m² area. ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO 50001 and BRC certified Abdiogullari, exports 50 percent of its wide ranging products. FILPA Packaging and Foreign Trade Co., which was founded by Abdioğulları, contributes to the economy of the country by exporting the products to 60 countries which are mainly European countries.

PE Shrink Filmbeverage industry

Our shrink films are made with the latest technology machines by CO-EX 5 layer. Abco-Fil Shrink Films wrap the products tightly according to their shape by heat treatment and prevent the disperse of the products. Used in sectors of water, soft drinks, milk and dairy products, mineral waters, food, textile, ceramics, forest products, white goods. Available width, thickness and rolls depending on the customer demand. Abco-Fil Shrink Films are odorless, tasteless and impact resistant. Our shrink films will increase your sales volume with its high transparency and brightness. Protect from the damages caused by adverse environmental conditions such as sun rays, rain, wind and dust. Shrinked products with Abco-Fil have long shelf life. Shrink Film is the best packaging method for long-distance transport. Our shrink Films are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly and does not harm human health.

BOPP Printed BagPrinted Bag

Features BOPP Film Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene Film - Opposite streching PP films The BOPP films put barrier against to the oil, gas and odour, the foods are in safe for long term Areas of Usage Food Industry; Flour, Amylum, Cereals, Sugar, Legume Agricultural Industry; Animal feed, Seed Chemicals Petrochemistry; Coal, Masterbatch, Polymer granules, Fertilizer and Organic Fertilizer, Powder Granular Products

Shade Nets

Features For Shade Net 40%, It is prodeced in any width between 100 cm and 400 cm with standard roll length of 200 meters. For Shade Net 60%, It is prodeced in any width between 100 cm and 800 cm with standard roll length of 200 meters. For Shade Net 75%, It is prodeced in any width between 100 cm and 400 cm with standard roll length of 100 meters. For Shade Net 95%, It is produced in any width between 100 cm and 500 cm with standard roll length of 100 meters. For Shade Net 95% Mono Plus, Can be produced up to 320 g/m2 Dark green, green and black are the most preferred colours. It can be produced in any colour according to demand. It provides protection against sun burns. It provides ventilation at optimal level. It provides uniform shadow in every area. It can be used for long years as it is produced from % 100 original raw materials with UV additive. Areas of Usage It can be used in the areas of gardening , greenhouse application ,recreational fields, flower growing and animal farming It is used as shading net and windbreak in touristic beaches, sport fields, pools and parking lots. It is used as protection net in constructions, harbours, park lots and sport fields.

Block Bottom Bag with Valve

Features Appropriate for automatic filling. Valve is self-closing after filling. Lamination is durable against water and humidity. Air Permeability both with micro macro perforation. Multi-color printing. Environmentally Friendly. Economic. After filling the packaged product takes block form and requires less space. The cross bottom valve sack is suitable for both manual and automatic placement onto the filling spout. Areas of Usage Cement Industry; Portland cement, White cement, Dry-mix concrete, Ready-mix, Products Mineral Industry; Calcite, Gypsum, Lime, Powder Granular items Chemicals Petrochemistry; Construction chemcials, Casting powder, Polymer granules, Fertilizer and organic fertilizer Food Industry; Flour, Cereals, Sugar, Legume, Pulse Agricultural Industry; Seed, Animal feed

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